Waiting For My Time To Come

by TopBananas

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Original TopBananas song featured in the online digi-novel Please Use Rear Exit (www.pleaseuserearexit.net) by Brandon Perkins (Award-winning music critic/former Senior Editor of Urb Magazine).

Watch the music video at: vimeo.com/19549223


Good morning, good evening, and good afternoon/
Whatever it is where you is, this is for everybody with a hustle/
Now I know you're out there working the graveyard shift, or maybe you're doing 7 to 7 in a hospital, but it doesn't matter. As long as you getting that blue collar dollar/
So this goes out to all my servers with a dream putting up with some bullsh^t for tips/
And oh yeah. If you're riding the bus, Please Use Rear Exit (Skinny B)

Verse 1:
Another day of monotony, feels like i'm playing Monopoly/ Trynna make stacks and some property, while I make tracks so they all can see/ The talent that God had offered me, I got skills/ Like I got milk in my morning cereal/ Honey Nut Cheerios in circles I go, handed out beats at everybody show/ Do I get a call or an email, no (no)/ Back to the drawing board a n^gga gotta blow (blow)/ Sold a few beats but that money been gone, I better see my name in the credits of the song/ Taking too long, that's what they all say/ Got they hands out for a road they ain't pave/ But before I die living life as a slave i'mma go against the grain like a young'n trynna shave.

Working in the in the corner, peaking over shoulders, waiting for my time to come (listen baby)/
Working in the corner, peeking over shoulders, waiting for my time to, waiting for my time to come.

Verse 2:
I'm just trynna make minimum wage, from what's written a page, cook it then flip it on the stage/ Timeless. It could never age but we're living in an age of limited days/ Ichabod Crane it's a headless game. Wanna get a head, give head and blow brains/ But I don't do that so I guess I gotta pay, I guess I gotta work and guess I can't play/ So now I gotta job but a n^gga getting robbed, 'cause i'm not doing what i'm feeling in my heart/ Physically fed, soulfully starved, mentally scarred trynna live amongst stars.


Verse 3:
(And there) Ain't no mountain high, that I can't climb/ Just gotta take it one grind at a time, and everyday live it like i'm finna die/ I done worked at URB now I need the cover of Fader, but sh^t's Complex when you trynna Scratch haters/ The feeling's Nah Right 'til i'm on Rap's Radar and All of Hip Hop knows the kid got flavor/ (Ugh) I'm more like a primate and Zebras are Food. And it don't matter if they black or white they finna move/ It's so Brute-i-ful when a plan comes through, like if I get a post on Kanye U/ So watch how I cut and Paste, everything i've learned where I was raised/ Coming from The 305, yeah I know You Heard That New, Stuff Fly People Like now let me bid this place adieu.



released January 17, 2011
Written by: TopBananas
Produced by: TopBananas and SpillProof
Mixed by: Scott Friedman
Additional mixing: SpillProof



all rights reserved


TopBananas California

Musical chameleon, drunk off the feeling of the bassline peeling down the frets of my spine. Virginia born, Florida raised, Cali resident with Jamaican roots.

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