Electric Nights

by TopBananas

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Having left his native Miami for Los Angeles, producer/rapper/fledgling-audio iconoclast TopBananas knows a thing or two about palm trees, beaches and 70-degree-Christmas mornings. However, as ubiquitous a motif as these sunny influences are, TopBananas’s latest offering, Electric Nights, suggests that his real interest lies in what happens when the golden sun descends for the day.

Fusing influences which range from the Neptunes to Daft Punk, Kanye to Chromeo, Electric Nights uniquely scores each day of the week, vividly detailing potential scenarios and showcasing Bananas’s prowess to set moods and defy genres. From the defiant Monday jam “STFU” to Sunday’s coolheaded and lusty “Slurrrin’”, if Prince did a hip-hop album, it might sound like Electric Nights.

TopBananas is no stranger to unique musical creations; he’s created, remixed and mashed an ever-growing array of tracks; and, his optimistic “Waiting for My Time to Come”, a tribute to hard workers with big dreams, was the theme song for acclaimed writer Brandon Perkins’s digital novel, Please Use Rear Exit. His first effort, Thieves are Among Us of which were given to a handful of friends, was a mixture of Girl Talk-esque hybrids, intermingled with TopBananas’s eclectic originals. Having blessed numerous groups (Bun An' Cheese, Come Down Selecta, Fe-sides) with his musical prowess and now with Electric Nights, he’s ready to venture out on his own. Start the week of right.


released December 31, 2011

Written by: TopBananas
Additional writing: MrPerfec, Eclectic
Produced by: TopBananas and SpillProof
Mixed by: SpillProof
Art by: bionikdesign
Photography by: Ryan Fageaux, Adriandionysus



all rights reserved


TopBananas California

Musical chameleon, drunk off the feeling of the bassline peeling down the frets of my spine. Virginia born, Florida raised, Cali resident with Jamaican roots.

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Track Name: STFU
All you hipsters in the back need to SHUT THE F^CK UP/
Once the DJ drops my record they'll be dancing in the front/
Getting down to the brand new sound/
You feeling it now, we goin' turn it up loud/
Raise the lights in the house when the crowd go wild like....

Verse 1:
It was the week right after Coachella/Only did the after parties 'cause I know better/Come Tuesday everybody who just played/Goin' be on that stage in Cinespace/So i'm laughing, all the money you just paid/I'm in mansions, eating at the free buffet/On a mission politicking with the big names/Only a few that I respect in the game/Ed Banger (check), Mad Decent (what)/I'm here for (yeah), a reason (ugh)/Got a pocket full of demos and dreams and hopes/So until that b^tch close i'm by the velvet ropes.


Verse 2:
One night at the Roxy/Upstairs so the lames couldn't spot me/I was doing my thing sipping hot tea/With honey 'cause i'm 'bout to rock the mic see/(Then I) Made my way right down the steps/B^tch get out my way 'cause I got next/Shot me the side-eye as I stepped to the left/And i'm looking at her like "Mann is you deaf?" (what)/But she tweeting. She texting/Facebooking. What's next man?/Four Squaring. Where you at?/At home on Chat Roulette.

Chorus (x2)

Raise the lights in the house when the crowd go wild like (ah ah ah ah) (x4)

Verse 3:
Electro pop with a hip-hop twist (what)/Bet y'all never rocked a party like this (uh uhh)/You don't know my name better listen up quick/TopBananas from the Fe-sides clique (oh yeah)/Wanna soundclash better bring them hits (bring 'em)/'Cause we got a grip loaded up, full clip (clip)/Where's my proof? Look at them girls hips (where)/You ain't got a clue i'll leave you with a tip (just a tip)/Put four-to-the-floor (what)/Now everybody smile 'cause the liquor getting poured (yeah)/And everybody wil' when the freaks come forth (come on)/And ain't nobody child need to be let in the door, i'm telling you no more (uh uhh)/Underage kids trynna get up in my biz with they f^cking glow sticks and they bright a$$ kicks (what)/F^cking glow sticks and they bright a$$ kicks (yeah)/F^cking glow sticks and they bright a$$ kicks.
Track Name: Showtime
We might need to bring out the vuvuzelas for this one/Stadium sh^t/And I tried to tell 'em it's like a motherf^cking mission statement/Can't hate it.

Verse 1:
I make music for the masses/Music for them a$$es/Swaying from side to side having fun yeah that's my passion/So debonair and dashing/Nickname should be d'Artagnan/The Musketeer no muskets here, airhorns is what we blasting ughhh/So tell everybody in the place that I really hope they came to play/Once the DJ's spinning all the hits we bringing we ain't stopping 'til a quarter past eight/In the morning, y'all had warnings, it's Miami then New Orleans/We've been touring, keeping score and, why you think this place ain't boring.

When it's time to show and prove we goin' see what you can do so/
If you got it, then flaunt it, and give it to me/
I need more than just a touch 'cause you're more than just a crush so/
Don't hold back for nothing when you give it to me (and all the girls say)

Chant 1:
Hold up, wait a minute, I think I broke my back (my back)/From poppin' too hard I know you like it like that (uh huh)/They're playing my song, i'm goin' dance 'til I collapse/And when I put it on you boy you ain't goin' know how to act.

Verse 2:
Sa...sa...sa...sa...say man i'm feeling so fresh/Just brushed my teeth, checked my breath (ahhh)/Mirror mirror who that n^gga with swag in every step/You ain't even gotta answer, i'm that/Drop an 808 and she goin' make it [clap, clap]/Dancefloor technician on a mission got 'em wishing she was stripping/Down on all fours now they fishing for the right line/What to say, trynna get her in the right mind/Barcardi and lime she'll be there in no time/Make it to the crib then they holla showtime, 'cause it's showtime.

Chorus (and all the fellas go)

Chant 2:
Ayo, you b^tches gotta go/If you don't plan on freakin' you ain't drinking no more/
(One mo' 'gain like) Ayo, I hope these ladies know/You ain't getting in my car unless your bra hit the floor (work it out like)

Track Name: One Night Stand
You know, just because you're in a relationship it doesn't mean you can't have fun/And by fun I mean, with your significant other/Just act like you don't know the mother^cker (hehehehe).

Verse 1:
Hey you, yeah you/Come over here, your friend too/Y'all want a drink, that's cool/Are y'all twins? So cute/I saw y'all (saw y'all), watching me (watching me), as I played on the big screen/Was it the riffs, or the licks, either way you know that a n^gga so sick/The way my fingers move on the frets, I can tell you want me to caress/Your back (your back), your front (your front), pardon my French but uh your cu.../No disrespect ma that's how the game go/And it don't matter if it's hail, rain, sleet, snow/And it don't really matter what you know, just know you're dealing with a pro and oh.

Pre chorus:
Baby girl, I can do you how you want/Work you out that dress and pumps/Spread you all over the bed/
Ain't go lie, i'm just like them other guys/After we done, cut them ties/So don't act surprised that your my.

One night stand/One night stand/I can't be your man/You're just a one night stand.

Verse 2:
Here we go, scene two (oh)/Ditch your friend so it's just me and you/Party ain't a party 'til i'm licking your ooh/Had to get it started with a little bit of [pop] woo/That bubbly, you lovin' it, and every girl wanna be in my covenant/But you the one that a n^gga be f^cking with/So hot think i'm gonna need an oven mitt/You're freaky I can see it in your eyes/Run chocolate and strawberries down your thighs/'Cause I know what you want, and I'll do what they won't/Slap slap, pull your hair once I blindfold you ahh.

Pre chorus:
Baby girl, ain't nothing that you can't flaunt/Work it in that dress and pumps/Make me beg for it instead/
Ain't go lie, i'm not like them other guys/Kiss you like you are my wife/We role playing tonight 'cause your my.

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: In The Mood (Pink Berries) feat. Eclectic
Pre Chorus:
Pink berries, your cherry got me in the mood/
So now we're rubbing and touching. How sweet is the fruit/
Tender and luscious, you love it from the leaves to the roots/
I see you blossom, so awesome. The sweetness of you.

Verse 1 (Eclectic):
Hey miss, won't you come on over? (yeah)/Have a drink on me, let me get to know ya (uh huh)/You're fly but with my persona/You'll be on cloud nine for the ride of your life (hold on tight)/Think of all the places I could take you (yeah)/If not places, then faces will make do (uh huh)/When I make you star in a debut/Everybody knows I'm a nerd, can I tape you? (come on girl)/Some like wining and dining (yeah)/I like dining, then whining (uh huh)/Moaning and groaning. Get you all alone (yeah)/Get you in the zone (uh huh), now I'm looking for...

Pre Chorus

You got me in the mood (x4)

Verse 2 (Eclectic):
So now we're back at my place (check it out)/You see the bed, go ahead and migrate (get over there)/It's time to log on to my space/You 'bout 6'0, I'ma take ya to 5'8"/When I get you up out of those new pumps and/Lay you down and give you some goosebumps/Two-pump-chumps are a thing of the past/I'm about to make you scream like I'm wearing a mask/We can do anything, no questions asked (even try?)/Whoa! Anything except for that/Top to the bottom I just wanna savor/There ain't nothing greater, gotta love the flavor...

Pre Chorus

Bridge (Eclectic):
You know why you're here/
Trying to get you in the mood you know/
Let's see what you can do/

Don't never wanna let you go, I don't never wanna let you go (x4)

Chant/Pre Chorus (x2)

Track Name: GitItOnTheFlo feat. MrPerfec
Verse 1:
Around 9 o'clock, she tucks her kids, into their bed, turns off the lights, then blows them kisses (I love ya)/Heads to her room, picks out her shoes, no time to lose, jumps in the shower, then she shaves her legs (sexy)/'Cause after 1 (ah huh), she turns fun into funds (ah huh)/Her body's a weapon (yeah), concealed fully loaded dressed in Cinderella's heels/You wanna cop a feel (come on), but touching gets you killed (that's right), unless you've paid the bills (ching ching motherf^cker).

Pre Chorus:
You ridicule her, but while she's out collecting overtime, her children are on her mind/She rules the world, with her brand new obsession, can't keep her from dancing.

(GitItOnTheFlo') Look at the upside, everyone's got a right to choose if they could they would do what you do so/
(GitItOnTheFlo') Direct deposit in her waistline, well she could make the boys go broke (GitItOnTheFlo').

Verse 2:
She's dressed in red, fishnet the legs, shoulder length hair, watch them all stare, but not in her eyes (two in the shirt that's right)/Her husband left, ain't sending checks, dancing for stacks, life's Cracker Jacks, don't come with no prize (aw naw)/Now you know why she work it/Your heart-rate get's to jerking/Pitter patter patter pitter now you flirting (uh)/In the back of her mind, is it worth it/Guess so everybody' s got (woo) a purpose/Another bottle of wine hides the hurt and (ah huh)/Too much panache to be shirking (yeah)/When will she stop? It's uncertain, but it's urgent.

Pre Chorus:
She rules the world, can't nobody stop her, 'cause she makes you drop 'em/Clear heels and such...It's her brand new obsession, can't keep her from dancing.

(GitItOnTheFlo') Look at the upside, everyone's got a right to choose if they could they would do what you do so/
(GitItOnTheFlo') Direct deposit in her waistline, well she could make the boys go broke (GitItOnTheFlo')/

(GitItOnTheFlo') Look at the bright side, body banging with a touch of class they all stare when you wiggle that a$$ so/
(GitItOnTheFlo') Direct deposit in her waistline, well she could make the boys go broke (Bridge)

Bridge (MrPerfec):
Whoa whoa whoa, PSA, a public service announcement, to all the lovely ladies that are starting to lose their mind because of what somebody else is trying to say/I say you get your money however you can get your money/It's good money, it's plenty money, and it's legal money/So you get your 1s, and your 5s, and your 10s, and your 20s 'cause your babies need bologna, and Coca Krisp[ies], and Rice Krispy[Krispies] Treats/And you slide, and you ride, and you take us into ecstasy and let us do our thing because it's heaven.

Track Name: Aviator Shades
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey (x4)

Verse 1:
Now I know you ain't heard it like this one/'Cause i'm known to make a raucous like a piston/Firing inside of that engine/Put a hemi in the Chevy now we bending/Corners like a demon out of hell and/If you seen it then you must have been offended/'Cause we don't give a f^ck. We never screwface/Your boy too pretty so he smile all day (whoop)/One thing we gotta cover the eyes/Like the Tuskegee Airmen yeah i'm fly (so fly)/Hater blockers be the perfect disguise 'cause we be hater blocking haters that be hating our rhymes/Yeah I know I stress that they hate (what)/On the great then they praise the fake (tell 'em)/But if you wanna walk this way you gotta stunt like Big Boi say/(What he say) He said

Aviator shades, aviator shades, aviator shades with a mirror front face (x4)

Verse 2:
Aww guess who's back, back again/TopBananas, and some friends/Circled the block and they all jumped in/We all good guys but we ready to sin/Sunset Strip, don't even trip/V.I.P. access, it's written on my____/And I ain't gotta say it 'cause they know that i'm the____/They're full of so much envy that it makes a brotha sick/We pulled up to the spot, and yes they're gonna hate/'Cause every member of my entourage is Vinny Chase/The groupies are the chasers, so they've been replace with/Women who just wanna dance once I hit the stage then/Zero to sixty from an unknown/When I drop this record they goin' love me fa sho/And I don't mean to sound cocky but y'all can't stop me/I make time stand still so you gotta watch me


Get buck (get buck). Get crunk (get crunk). Get hyphy (get hyphy). Just like me (just like me) (x4)

Verse 3:
I'm something like an illusionist, when i'm doing this/You couldn't match my swag if you caught a glimpse because/They hand is quicker than the eye if you don't pay attention I might fly by/Musical master of disguise, like bread that's leavened i'm on the rise/So it comes as no surprise that when they catch up [ketchup] I super size

Track Name: Slurrrin'
Verse 1:
(It all started), With a flask full of Jack in the back of the 'Lac you see/(We departed), The apartment quarter past eleven 'bout to kill these streets/(Flame retardent), Too cool for the rules catch the flu when you be around me/(Broken hearted), Got a text from the ex and it read "What you think I ain't cheat?"/No surprise, b^tches lie/Hoes do the same when you cumming inside/Now it's pouring rain on the f^cking west side/Now i'm trynna bang everything in sight/No I don't smoke so I need another high/I need another fix, I need it real quick/I need a lil' something to keep my mind from everything falling to sh^t (sh^t)/So be it if it's liquor, word around the block it hits quicker/So don't interject because, i'm trynna get a bigger buzz/Grabbed the phone and I called my cuz, ayo, it's on right/'Cause I don't give a f^cking f^ck about tomorrow, whore for the night/Speeg tell them girls meet us at the Arclight/Trynna get it poppin in the pale moonlight/Dancing with the devil hoping Heaven won't spite/Said she a singer, there go the mic/Oh you can blow let me hear them pipes/Now she's bent over the hood, and they're in the backseat up to no good/I bet the only thing on her mind is wood and hey, it should (yeah).

Chorus x2:
I'm slurrrin', You don't what no parts of me/
Lights blurry, Slow motion is how I see/
I'm worried, I won't make it through the night
This feeling it just ain't right, Help me i'm losing my mind (i'm slurrrin').

Verse 2:
Next stop, rooftop, of the loft, downtown, I can see all the way to my house/Found a penny on the ground, must be good luck, looked up, kitty purring under her blouse/Girl what's you name, glad you came, what's your sign?/Wanna know mine? Hell you lying. In about an hour i'mma have you lying/On your back, taking that cack, up in The Standard we do it like that/Hit the mini bar and i'm pouring some yack/Hope I don't yack 'cause i'm feeling crap/Feeling like shat, past tense of sh^t/Making up words that don't make no sense/Looking to the heavens "Lord get me out of this! I swear i'll go to church never do it again."/On my knees, praying to the porcelain god/Just might black out from too much shots/And how the hell I get here from the garage?/It seems like the whole night has been a mirage/As I gaze in the maze of facades/Everybody's fake i'm amazed at the flaws/I wish I pause the effects of cause/I can't so i'm lost getting tossed with the sauce.

As I go under, I wonder how you'll remember me/Those inner demons kept on screaming until they were freed/And no more lies , no more spies in the Garden of Eden/Ya hear what i'm speaking? Ya hear what i'm speaking/

Now that i'm falling, they're all in shouting in victory/Those inner demons kept on screaming until they were freed/It's only lies, only spies no more Garden of Eden/Ya hear what i'm speaking? Ya hear what i'm speaking.