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Frustrated with the politics of the music industry, TopBananas decides to bribe, sleep, and muscle his way to the top. TopBananas devised a plan enabling him to pitch his brand to tastemakers such as Busy P, A-Trak, Diplo, Peanut Butter wolf and many more.

It's best described as two parts 50 Cent "How To Rob," one part Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Jimmy Iovine" with a dash of The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Just Playing (Dreams)."

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As I sit back and mix tracks working on my demo/I had the idea to write a letter or a memo/To all record labels where I wanna go/And if they ain’t wit it better get low…

Verse 1:
When I lived just a stones throw from Stones Throw, I tried to find the offices but the address was a p.o./At least I thought it was I guess the Wolf was hiding, ‘cause I’m considered red and in the hood I’m riding/Nah I’m lying, I’m more like high yellow, stay away from the trap I got degrees under my pillow/But I Need A Dollar or else it’s Madvillainy. man behind the mask if these n^ggas ain’t feelin’ me/Balaclava, M.I.A. holla, I’m pretty N.E.E.T. and your company is haha/Jokes for days and double entendres, Piracy Funds Terrorism let’s do this proper/I can produce for you and Rye Rye, and Sleigh Bells would sound good with some of my rhymes/Me and Blaqstarr we can get the club poppin’, play Electric Nights and I bet they’ll start rocking/Can’t go to Star Trak I might get played (why), look what happened to Coldchain and Fam-Lay (who)/Exactly, people don’t know their names, have my album on the shelf like bottles of Rogaine/Got the email for Richard XL, drag him to hell if he ain’t buying what I sell/Green Label Sound, Dim Mak and Downtown, better open up the doors when I come around.

This is a memo, a memo, to all record labels/
99% of these artists are telling fables/
I’m the only one keeping it real/
So let me tell you how I feel/
Ya’ll better find me, ya’ll better sign me/
‘Cause if I turn to violence it’s goin’ start getting grimey/
Ya’ll better find me, ya’ll better sign me/
‘Cause if I turn to violence it’s goin’ start getting grimey/

Verse 2:
I was always told I belong on Fool’s Gold got beats for Kid Sis that need to be sold/Tell A-Trak that I break the mold, I tried to holla at him when they put me on hold (and I was like)/I’ll pay for back rubs, for Nick Catchdubs/Happy endings, yeah I’m spending/My tax return this b^tch goin’ burn, hopefully I’ll be on stage when his tables turn/If I was on Ed Banger, Uffie I would bang her/She could pop my glock I got one in the chamber/Alert Busy P, Mehdi, and So Me. I can learn French and and move to Paree/Canon in my hand, live-action Major Lazer/Shoot the place up if Mad Decent ain’t chasing/Make Diplo bring the contracts out, or he’ll be Toadally Krossed Out when I “Put it in your, put it in your mouth,” “It’s hard to yell when that barrel’s in your mouth.”


I’m just playing ya’ll, I wouldn’t harm a fly. But I’ll bump the sh^t out of your turntables during a set. And if I see your stickers around town at different venues, I’ll peel them b^tches off the wall, ‘cause that’s what I do.


released July 19, 2013
Written by: TopBananas
Produced by: TopBananas and SpillProof
Mixed by: SpillProof
Single art by: Rolando Bojorquez (



all rights reserved


TopBananas California

Musical chameleon, drunk off the feeling of the bassline peeling down the frets of my spine. Virginia born, Florida raised, Cali resident with Jamaican roots.

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